Unreleased colour 8mm film footage from Beatles TV-programs

Unreleased colour 8mm film footage from Beatles TV-programs

In the upcoming Beatles auction by Omega Auctions, a reel of 8mm film (no audio) containing approximately 18 minutes of colour footage, shot in March 1964 by Rediffusion lighting supervisor Teddy Fader is up for sale, with an estimated price of £5,000 – £10,000. The film reel is sold with full copyrights.

Two USB sticks containing copies of the footage in various formats are also included. There is approximately 12 minutes of footage of the Beatles.

11 minutes of footage are from the Ready Steady Go! TV-show (also some of the “Mod Ball” at Wembley) and approximately 7 minutes from “Around The Beatles”.

The footage is described as of exceptional quality, with clear and well-composed close-ups of the band, both backstage and onstage at both RSG and “Around the Beatles”. The candid shots show the group mugging to camera, smoking (of course!), laughing amongst themselves. None of the footage has been previously released/published.

Also with footage of Dusty Springfield, Helen Shapiro, Cilla Black and other stars who performed at RSG.

The film is sold by the family of Teddy Fader and includes full copyrights. A letter transferring copyright will be provided to winning bidder.

Further provenance is included with the addition of a file on the USB stick (provided to winning bidder) which shows a snippet from a episode of ‘Play Your Cards Right’ where host Bruce Forsyth brings Teddy Fader from the wings to recognise his birthday. Also – a letter on Rediffusion stationery appointing Teddy to his position as lighting supervisor, a second letter commending him on a job well done on March 20th 1964 (filming of RSG), scanned image of Teddy behind the camera, and a Rediffusion promotional booklet. This is lot 365 in the auction.

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