Ticket to Ride EP 89 Tribute to Abbey Road

In a memorable moment etched in the autumn of 1986, Scott Muni pays tribute to The Beatles' iconic "Abbey Road" as it resonates from a CD player on FM Radio. Released in 1969, the album encapsulates a paradoxical journey, marking both the culmination of the band's collaborative genius and the prelude to their parting ways. In Episode 89, listeners are granted an exclusive opportunity to hear firsthand accounts, notably from Paul McCartney, about the studio sessions that birthed this legendary album. Paul's insights offer a rare glimpse into the creative process behind "Abbey Road," shedding light on the intricate dynamics and emotions that shaped the final chapter of The Beatles' collective musical odyssey. Download Episode 89 to immerse yourself in the timeless melodies and untold stories woven into the fabric of one of the most celebrated albums in music history, experiencing the magic of "Abbey Road" in a new light that reverberates across the airwaves.