Ticket to Ride EP 55 Hunter Davis

In the captivating Episode 55 of Ticket to Ride, listeners are treated to an exclusive interview with Hunter Davis, who made history in 1986 by becoming the first authorized biographer of the Beatles. Joining forces with legendary radio personality Scott Muni, Davis dives deep into the intricacies of documenting the iconic band's journey.

A highlight of the episode is Davis's revelation of Paul McCartney's controversial comment about John Lennon in 1981, labeling him a "maneuvering swine." This explosive statement catapulted onto the front pages of newspapers, sending shockwaves through the music industry and fans alike. In this intimate conversation, Hunter Davis shares his unique perspective on this tumultuous event, offering insights into the dynamics within the Beatles during that time.

Listeners can expect a riveting narrative as Davis recounts the challenges and triumphs of unraveling the Beatles' enigma, providing a rare glimpse into the personal and professional lives of the band members. Episode 55 of Ticket to Ride is a must-download for Beatles enthusiasts, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of rock 'n' roll history.