Ticket to Ride EP 49
Cynthia Lennon and Ray Coleman

In Episode 49 of "Ticket to Ride," the legendary Scott Muni engages in a captivating conversation with Ray Coleman, the esteemed author of "Lennon," accompanied by Cynthia Lennon, John's first wife and the mother of Julian Lennon. Aired in the winter of 1986, this episode is a nostalgic journey back to the good old days in Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles. As Ray Coleman shares insights from his authoritative work on Lennon, listeners are treated to an intimate exploration of Cynthia's relationship with John Lennon and her profound love for the iconic band.

The episode unfolds as a treasure trove of anecdotes and memories, providing a rare glimpse into the personal dynamics that shaped the Beatles' early years. Cynthia's reminiscences add a poignant touch, offering a unique perspective on the man behind the music. Scott Muni's skillful interviewing draws out the essence of the Lennon legacy, creating an audio experience that resonates with fans and aficion