Ticket to Ride EP 37 Billy Joel

In Episode 37 of "Ticket to Ride," a musical pilgrimage is led by the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. Recorded with precision and released into the airwaves, this episode is an intimate conversation with the legendary Billy Joel as he intricately unravels the profound impact of The Beatles on his iconic career.

Listeners are transported back in time to Billy's formative years, exploring his classical music studies and the pivotal role The Beatles played in shaping his musical trajectory. In a poignant revelation, Billy shares how the Fab Four ignited a spark within him, opening his eyes to the possibility of becoming a pop star.

As the narrative unfolds, Episode 37 becomes a captivating journey through Billy Joel's musical evolution, with Scott Muni skillfully guiding the discourse. From the classical notes of his youth to the energetic beats of The Beatles that inspired him, this episode is a testament to the enduring influence of the Fab Four on one of the most celebrated musicians of our time. Tune in to witness the intersection of two musical powerhouses and discover how The Beatles laid the foundation for the extraordinary career of the Piano Man.