Ticket to Ride EP 32 with Tom Petty and Sting

Embark on a musical voyage with Ticket to Ride Episode 32 from 1985, where the legendary Tom Petty, along with Benmont Tench and Stan Lynch of the Heartbreakers, joins forces with Sting for an unforgettable exploration into the shared universe of The Beatles. In this captivating episode, the common thread is the undeniable influence of The Beatles on these iconic musicians.

Listeners are treated to the distinctive sounds and insights of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as they unravel their connections to The Beatles, shedding light on the enduring impact of the Fab Four on their own musical journeys. Sting, a luminary in his own right, adds his unique perspective to the conversation, creating a symphony of shared admiration for The Beatles.

As a special treat, Robert Palmer takes center stage with a Beatles cover, weaving his own musical magic into the rich tapestry of Episode 32. The episode is a harmonious celebration of the transcendent influence of The Beatles, demonstrating how their artistry resonates across genres and generations.

Join the musical pilgrimage as Ticket to Ride Episode 32 becomes a testament to the timeless legacy of The Beatles, forging connections and inspiring creativity that echoes through the ages.