Now and Then postponed by Disney?

Real poster image or AI creation?

Last week, there were a rumour circulating that there’s a Disney Pixar The Beatles cgi movie in the works for next year. Someone has reported that The Beatles’ final song, “Now and Then” was requested to be postponed so a cgi video could be made to promote the film.

Other factors may have been that releasing a new red and blue set now is a bit too soon, as record stores still have the 2014 reissues of the sets in stock.

It has been suggested that best of the remixes are going to be in the new film’s sounddtrack and a possible 3 or 4 disc soundtrack set. There is no 2024 release date given or if it will go straight to Disney+ but spring 2024 has been mentioned.

In other rumours, late October 2023 is expected to be the time for the official announcement from The Beatles about their new product, with a release date set for late November.


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